Our services:
 HR training & management, Value creation & Innovation
 . HR training & management:  

Our highly recognized HR expert team, led by 

Phayat Wutthirong, Ph.D. (HR management and Innovation),

will be delighted to render the HR training and management 

to our clients to ensure that the right man is put on the right 

jobs, and that the human resource be trained properly to

achieve the firm’s goals and contribute to the business growth.


. HR administrative services:

We help our clients ease complications of the HR

administrative work, and offer the services of the

monthly payrolls administration, submission of the 

employees’ withholding taxes and social security 



. Business Value Creation and Innovation:

We also provide consulting services and training for value

creation, innovation, marketing and management to firms;

small, medium and large enterprises, for their business




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