. Legal consulting

Our team of professionals, both female and male lawyers,
have extensive skills and experience in various fields,
including but not limited to business, commercial, and corporate laws.


For over thirty years we have rendered legal consulting and business related services

to a number of multinational firms,individual entrepreneurs and investors in the areas

of trading, import & export, manufacturing, oil & petroleum, real estate,

hospitality industry; hotel and wellness resort development.


Our professionals have also rendered services relating to international taxation, 

intellectual property, labour, Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA)- drafting and

reviewing the privacy policy for human resource management and website users.


. Arbitration, negotiation and litigation


We work with professionals and highly recognized experts in various fields to help

solve legal issues by means of negotiations and arbitration.


Our firm also has an experienced team of litigation lawyers and associates to

represent clients who may need legal proceedings at the civil or criminal court,

including the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court,

the Labor Court and the Administrative Court.









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